Is it legal to gamble for real money online?

Australian online gambling laws and policy has always been the main responsibility of the states, rather than the Commonwealth.

Each state and territory government can regulate and also provide its own gambling services, which ultimately leads to an increase in revenue.

In recent years, the Commonwealth has opted to take a more active role when it comes to online gambling in Australia. The technological advancements and the rapid development of the online gambling industry have had a significant implication on revenues, the community welfare and regulatory mechanisms.

 It is for this very reason that the Federal Government has stepped in to put half to Australian online gambling sites from providing services to Aussies.That being said, it is not illegal for Australians to gamble for real money online.

Online Gambling Real Money Options for Australians

gamble for real money online

As part of the Interactive Gambling Act, some gambling activities online are allowed to operate as normal. The regulation serves to work on two levels. To begin with, it helps the Federal Government in heavily regulating the online gambling industry and secondly, for the state and territory authorities to also regulate it.

Online slot machines are widely available and accessible to a big market in Australia through real money no deposit websites. Although brick-and-mortar slot machines are still available at casinos, clubs and pubs, there is fierce competition for new licenses.

Australian players are by far the biggest gamblers in the world, with most of the gambling taking place through pokie machines.

Additionally, poker is also yet another pastime for Australians. Online poker sites are still illegal in Australia, and it is illegal to play poker online in Australia, or else to provide poker gambling games for real money.

To be clear, all forms of card and table games which offer a mix of skill and chance are illegal for Australians to partake in.

On the other hand, playing bingo online is perfectly legal in Australia. Some land-based casinos also run computer-simulated bingo games across the country. Online lotteries are still illegal to this day in Australia. However, players can still play Keno and buy lotto tickets.

As you can, the information pertaining to online gambling in Australia varies from game to game. It is always advised that players learn their state’s laws to avoid any future disappointment.

Are Winnings Taxable in Australia?

No. As a player, you won’t have to pay a dime. Gambling operators, on the other hand, do. You won’t have to fork out any income tax whatsoever on your winnings.

The amount of tax that an online gambling operator pays can vary from game to game, as well as the location of the slot machines and the casinos. Taxes can also vary from one state to another.

Another way that casinos pay taxes is through acquiring a gambling license, which is an absolute necessity if they want to operate in Australia.

The only fees that players would have to pay when it comes to their online gambling activities are on the casino itself. There might be deposit and withdrawals fees. Always read the terms and conditions of any casino site you are thinking of signing up to.