the most devastating rubber band gun ever built


Welcome to DISINTEGRATOR.co.uk,
the home of the world's first, world-famous, fully-automatic, 288-shot, motorised,
cordless double rubber band minigun.

Forget the rubber band Gatling gun. The DISINTEGRATOR is the most incredible rubberband gun ever built, capable of firing more than 40 rounds per second (2400 rounds per minute) from its 24 revolving barrels. This is the twin Vulcan cannon of the elastic band gun world!

Visit Surefire Products, supplier of parts for the DISINTEGRATOR, for all your rubber band gun needs.

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17/03/2009: DISINTEGRATOR featured on BBC Radio Scotland! Download the MP3 (2 Mb, 10 min)
04/03/2008: The Gadget Show features the DISINTEGRATOR on Web TV! Watch the video on YouTube as Jon Bentley feels the force of my elastic fury.
25/01/2008: YouTube: DISINTEGRATOR: The Movie is now #1 Top Rated, Top Favourites and Most Viewed in YouTube's whole Science and Technology category this month!
22/01/2008: Forum now open! Join the Rubber Band of Brothers!
YouTube: DISINTEGRATOR: The Movie is #1 Top Favourites and #1 Top Rated in UK Science and Technology (This Month)!
21/01/2008: The YouTube video music is "Lament" by Phantom Lacuna
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YouTube: DISINTEGRATOR: The Movie is #1 Most Linked in both Worldwide Science and Technology (This Month) and UK Science and Technology (All Time)!
18/01/2008: DISINTEGRATOR reaches #13 in the Viral Video Chart.
17/01/2008: DISINTEGRATOR has truly gone global. Exciting things are afoot. Stay tuned.
10/01/2008: DISINTEGRATOR: The Movie uploaded to the Web! View this cinematic masterpiece on the DISINTEGRATOR video page, or on YouTube itself.
07/12/2007: I will soon begin filming for a DISINTEGRATOR video. Watch this space!

The gun fires much faster than I thought. During testing today, it fired 288 bands in approximately 7 seconds, giving it a rate of fire of 40 rounds per second (2400 rounds per minute)!

Special thanks to Leslie at Surefire Products for supplying the firing mechanisms, and Adam at rapidblue. I cannot recommend these people enough.